Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Uninvited...but we still like you.

Recently, Skunk & I have traveled farther down the rabbit hole. The heartache of miscarriages coupled with  time restrictions, and huge financial burdons (thank you very much insurance company, for sucking banannas) has made us prioritieze our lives differently. And we are embracing it, but well, to be honest, you are all not invited on this journey. Hence, me not writing very often, since this at times can be all consuming.

It is hard, and I am sure that given some time and distance from it I may some day wish to write about struggles with fertility, endometreosis, pollycystic ovarian syndrome and under-active thyroid, but for now...nope. It is our business, and if you'd like you can pray for us, think positive thoughts, and hope for news of a baby in the future...but please respect our wishes to maintain our intimacy as a couple and privacy.

Here is what I can say... I have always been a fan of listening to my body, and using that knowledge, but we are going extreme here and it messes with our schedule like crazy. For a girl who likes a plan, this can be a bit difficult at times.  My Skunk is as always the strength in this operation, and he is encouraging, loving, and fully embraces Tim Gunn's slogan, "make it work", so we are.

We are also faithful to God, and believe in His desire for good in our lives.We are hopeful, and it is okay for you to be hopeful too, even from afar.  Thanks!

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BK said...

Hey BEK - sorry you're having such a rough time. Thinking of you and hoping the holiday season treats you brighter. :)