Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another Stinkin Year..

Today is my Skunk's birthday! I am so exciting to be celebrating another year of his life with him. If you don't know him, well I feel a little sad for you, because he is simply amazing.

So without further ado, here are 31 reasons he is G - R - E - A - T !!!

1). He takes effort to remember corny jokes, because he knows when he tells them to me, it will make me laugh.

2). He is patient.

3). He is ridiculously smart and witty.

4). He is giving.

5). He goes out of his way to help others.

6). He doesn't mind when I volunteer his help to people he doesn't know. (i.e. "you haven't ever met my husband, but sure, he'll come help move that couch").

7). He gets up early every day to walk our dog so I don't have to feel unsafe.

8). If no one is in the bed, and it hasn't been made yet, he does it.

9). Instead of telling me I'm being grumpy, he asks me if I am hungry, thirsty, or tired...and then he tries to meet that need.

10). When we were dating on a long car ride he sang a complete love song by heart, that most people don't even realize is a love song (it was by Cake). Now, if I ask real sweet he sometimes sings it again.

11). He is patient and kind with our dog, Dexter. He teaches him new tricks, and jumps on the bed with him to get him all excited. He never gets mad about picking up his doggy droppings on walks.

12). He holds people's babies, and likes it. If there is a baby around that he doesn't get to hold it he feels like he missed out.

13). He shares above mentioned baby holding with me, cause he knows I love getting a baby fix too.

14). When I share with him what would make me feel more loved, or more safe, he goes out of his way to fulfill that, even though it stretches him and is at times hard.

15). He is always willing to hear me, and actually listen to what I am saying, even if I am saying it for what feels like the 10th time, or its not fun to hear.

16). When other people label him as awesome or amazing, I am able to think of at least 10 other examples of just how awesome he is..and then have a hard time not sharing those things (cause he is super fantastic).

17). He checks in on how our relationship is going on a regular basis, and talks over things that most men find intimidating. If I mention something once, he will often bring it up again a week or two later to see how we are doing on it.

18). He uses his eyebrows to make a point when he is talking or posing for a picture. Plus, he has 1 white eye lash that is incredibly cute.

19). He is willing to try new things and go on new adventures.

20). He can dance, and is willing to do so in public or the kitchen.

21). He is modest, and doesn't brag about things, even when he should.

22). He is not afraid to pray in public. Or when I am having a crummy day, he takes time to pray over me.

23). He likes to play games, and have fun...but without crazy competitiveness!

24). When I have a problem, yo he fix it. - Sometimes I will be benignly discussing an issue, and he gently offers a solution, that is often amazing, and then he take the time to see the resolution through.

25). He likes to be silly.

26). He likes his family and mine too, and enjoys spending time with them. He holds me as his 1st family and safeguards our time together.

27). He is pretty much always open to just getting chipotle for dinner when I don't feel like cooking!

28). Over the last year he's done really hard things for the sake of our family, and endured them, even though I know they were painful, without complaining.

29). He downloads awesome podcasts for us to listen to on long car rides.

30). He knows how to fix stuff, and isn't afraid to take apart some plumbing, or a car, or whatever it is that happens to be broken, and then he makes it better.

31). He is very flexible and willing to set a direction but not be crazy controlling about it. Plus he sometimes brings me flowers for no reason at all.

*There are so many more things I didn't get a chance to list. Skunk is funny, kind, loving, gentle, patient, strong, smart, supportive, and courageous (and he is super cute too!). I admire him more than anyone I've ever met, and I feel so blessed to be with him, and to know him. Plus, I get to love him! He is simply amazing! Happy Birthday my Skunk!

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Bonita Rose said...

so fun to read.. love him too. xo and you. xo See you soon! xo